Dr. Katrinka Reinhart is an anthropological archaeologist whose primary research is on the social dynamics of foodways and technology in early Bronze Age China, a time of deepening inequality and technological development. Her methodological expertise includes ceramic analysis through synchrotron X-rays, food residues, and statistics. She is also a field archaeologist with interest and expertise in excavation, survey, and sampling strategies.

Dr. Reinhart has an interdisciplinary background, with a focus on archaeological/anthropological theory as well as foundational training in the sciences (B.Sc., Geology, McGill University) and humanities (M.A., East Asian Studies, McGill University). She received her Ph.D. from the Anthropology department at Stanford University in 2011. She has taught as a lecturer in the anthropology departments at San Francisco State University and Stanford University and is currently Science Director, Archaeology for Stanford University's Heritage Services.