San Francisco State University

• Introduction to Archaeology (Instructor of record; undergraduate lecture)
• Foundations of Archaeology (Instructor of record; undergraduate/graduate lecture)
• Seminar in Archaeological Problems (Instructor of record; graduate seminar)
• Archaeology of Ritual and Religion (Instructor of record; undergraduate/graduate lecture)
• The Ancient Maya (Instructor of record; undergraduate lecture)

Stanford University

• Archaeological Fieldwork (Instructor of record; undergraduate/graduate activity)
• Sustainability and Collapse (Instructor of record; undergraduate discussion seminar)
• World Archaeology and Global Heritage (Instructor of record; undergraduate discussion seminar)
• Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology (Teaching assistant, undergraduate lecture)
• Archaeological Field Methods (Co-instructor of record, with Laura Jones; fieldwork activity class)
• The Archaeology of Ancient China (Instructor of record; undergraduate/graduate lecture)
• Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (Teaching assistant, discussion section leader)